• What To Do If You Can't Pay Your Bond Bill

    If you have a bail bond and have been making payments, but now you see a month coming up when you might not be able to pay, you have to take action immediately. Not paying your bond repayments can result in you being arrested and having additional civil actions filed against you. If you think you're going to have problems paying, take these steps to try to solve your situation. [Read More]

  • Can You Get A Payday Loan If Your Bank Is Overdrawn?

    The only thing worse than being in overdraft is being in overdraft when your car breaks down or your air conditioning stops working. You need money to get these things fixed and you already owe money to your bank. Normally, a person who has a car or air conditioner that breaks down would turn to a payday loan to foot the bill until his/her next payday. The question is – does someone with a negative bank balance also have this option? [Read More]

  • Tips To Improve Your ATM Security

    If you run a business that provides ATMs to other businesses, especially those that are cash-only, you might have tapped into a lucrative market. However, if your customers are constantly experiencing ATM fraud or other problems, then your business is going to suffer. Here are some tips for improving the security of your ATMs so that customers can get the money they need without having to be worried. 1. Service Your ATMs Consistently, But Randomly [Read More]

  • Things To Consider When Applying For Your First Loan

    Applying for your first loan for a big purchase can be daunting if you've never done a credit application before. Here are some things to consider as a first time loan solicitor.  You Can (And Should) Boost Your Credit Beforehand Before you apply for a major loan, it's fairly easy to boost your credit score in a matter of months. Take out a credit card and place small purchases on the card that you pay off on a regular basis. [Read More]

  • How To Dispute A Bail Amount

    If your bail is set at an amount that you think is unreasonable, it's not always set in stone; you might be able to have the judge review your case and set the bail amount lower. This will require a bit of preparation on your part to present a strong argument. Here are some things to do before disputing your bail amount.  Visit a Bail Bonds Officer The first thing to do is to work with a bail bond service to review your options for paying the current bail amount. [Read More]

  • Three Tips For Renting An ATM To Boost Foot Traffic To Your Small Convenience Store

    If you own a small convenience store and want to be able to boost the traffic that comes into your business, consider renting an ATM for your store. Having an ATM will increase traffic to your store because people will pop in to use the ATM when they need cash and may buy a soda or a snack while they are in there. Use the guide below to learn what things to take into consideration when renting an ATM to use in your business. [Read More]

  • FAQ About Payday Loans

    Did a large bill leave you in a financial bind until your next payday? You have the option of visiting a payday loan company and applying for the money that you need. Qualifying for the loan is not a long process, as only a minimal amount of information will be needed. In this article, you will learn find answers to a few questions that you might have in mind about payday loans. [Read More]

  • Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs A Responsive Website

    If you're looking for ways to grow your car sales business, one of the most important things to consider is your online presence. Whether you're in the small group of those who are still not online yet or you have a basic webpage just to claim your corner of the internet, you need to focus some efforts on your online strategy. One of the best things you can do to make your dealership more relevant and draw in customers is to develop a responsive website with integrated lead generation tools. [Read More]

  • Cool Crafts And Keepsakes Using Your Coin Collection

    Collecting coins is an interesting hobby, but crafting with them is even more fun! Use old, new, or even rare coins in jewelry, art, and keepsakes that you enjoy making and displaying in your home or giving to a loved one as a gift. Don't worry- it is not illegal to paint, cut, and craft coins, as long as you don't try to spend them afterward! Some cool crafts using your coins are: [Read More]