How To Dispute A Bail Amount

Posted on: 30 August 2016

If your bail is set at an amount that you think is unreasonable, it's not always set in stone; you might be able to have the judge review your case and set the bail amount lower. This will require a bit of preparation on your part to present a strong argument. Here are some things to do before disputing your bail amount. 

Visit a Bail Bonds Officer

The first thing to do is to work with a bail bond service to review your options for paying the current bail amount. The bail bonds officer will help you consider your personal assets, such as cash, property, and luxury items. They will also suggest some alternatives, such as approaching family members to sign a surety bond on your behalf. If you go through this process and don't turn up any viable methods for paying your bail amount, then this is a strong argument for getting the bail penalty reduced. 

Acquire Employment Records

It also helps to show that you're obligated to stay in the area for employment reasons. You may want to collect your employment records from your current boss to show how long you've been at the company. If you feel comfortable asking your boss for a written evaluation, you may be able to show the judge that you are a dependable employee who is committed to their work responsibilities. This will make the judge more comfortable that you won't leave the jurisdiction if bail is posted at a lower amount. 

Be Honest About the Severity of Your Crime

While the bail amount hearing isn't the time to argue your criminal case, it's reasonable to point out any potential that you are being overcharged based on the types of crimes committed. For instance, if you were caught with marijuana, your offense may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on whether you intended to sell the drugs. If your bail amount was set based on the felony penalty, you might ask to have it set at the misdemeanor level instead. It helps if there is doubt about the severity of the crime; if you have a clean criminal record other than this offense, then your judge may bargain with you and help you set bail lower. 

In short, the bail amounts may be lowered if you are strategic about approaching the judge. Work with your bail bond service to work out the details so that you can successful fund your bail. For more information and advice, contact a bail bond service such as A A ABBA Bail Bonds.