Cool Crafts And Keepsakes Using Your Coin Collection

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Collecting coins is an interesting hobby, but crafting with them is even more fun! Use old, new, or even rare coins in jewelry, art, and keepsakes that you enjoy making and displaying in your home or giving to a loved one as a gift. Don't worry- it is not illegal to paint, cut, and craft coins, as long as you don't try to spend them afterward!

Some cool crafts using your coins are:

Sweet souvenirs. A great way to commemorate a trip or an event is with a coin; use block metal stamps to personalize the coin with a date, word, or motif. Give these away to friends or family members for a good-luck token or inexpensive souvenir. These are a great way to showcase foreign coins from a trip, or to honor special coins, such as one gifted to you for your collection.

Collectible art. Another unique way to turn pennies into prized possessions is by painting them; painted coins are a popular trend, found from artisans offering something new to coin collectors. You can paint your own distinctive coins using enamel paint, either following along the inherent lines and indents of the coin, or you can get really creative and do your own thing! These make a great keepsake to remind people of a special day or event, such as painting them with a couple's name for a wedding day party favor.

Pretty pictures. Put your favorite coins on display by highlighting them in a picture frame. There are a few things that you should know about framing coins, as you likely want the coins to be intact and unaltered when framing them, so be wary of using glue. Adhesive paper will keep the coin attached to the frame, while not harming or scratching your coin in the process.

Gorgeous jewelry. Many cool jewelry ideas start quite simply with a coin! Drill a small hole in the top of your coin to use for a jump-ring that will attach to bracelets, chains, earring-wires, or key-rings.

Try some of these ideas with your own coins; use that jar of pennies you have been saving or dig out a valuable old silver coin from your collection! There are many ways to use and enjoy your prized coins, beyond putting them inside a book or folder, out of sight. Show off your acquisitions or make someone else's day with a customized coin collectible that you made with your own two hands! To get some fun coins to use, check out companies like Beaverton Coin & Currency.