Tips To Improve Your ATM Security

Posted on: 31 August 2016

If you run a business that provides ATMs to other businesses, especially those that are cash-only, you might have tapped into a lucrative market. However, if your customers are constantly experiencing ATM fraud or other problems, then your business is going to suffer. Here are some tips for improving the security of your ATMs so that customers can get the money they need without having to be worried.

1. Service Your ATMs Consistently, But Randomly

Make sure that all of your ATMs are getting consistent service, but don't do it on a set schedule. A set schedule makes it easy for people who are trying to add information capturing technology to your ATM to figure out when you service the machine and how long they have between servicing. This will allow these people to install the device, gather information, and then remove it before you actually come around to do a physical inspection. If your service schedule is random, it will be much harder for information thieves to install their devices and get away with it. You will be able to discover problems more quickly and resolve them before your customers are negatively affected.

2. Add Jamming Mechanisms

Many information gathering devices emit certain signals that are needed for the information that they collect to be uploaded to a cloud. If you equip all of your ATMs with devices that jam these signals, the information will remain on the device itself and will not be uploaded. This allows you to be more confident that, should you find a device, the information that it might have collected is contained and will not harm the integrity of your customer's safety.

3. Use Analytics to Track Customer Patterns and Check for Unusual Patterns

Many customers use the same ATM regularly. You can gather their data to see when they go to the ATM. If you notice any odd patterns in their behavior, such as a card that is rarely used being used frequently all of a sudden, that could be a good time to check the ATM where it's being used for issues. Odd patterns are a sign that a customer's financial information might have been compromised. If you are able to head off the compromised data quickly, you can minimize damage. Talk to an analytics company for more information.

For increased assistance in ATM security, talk to a company that specializes in servicing ATMs, such as Maritech ATM Solutions.